This Video Series Detail the Steps Necessary to Successfully Start a Group & Effectively Run Your Group

The checklist you requested should be on its way via email, and it will be a great tool in assisting you to get your group up and running!

This Way

However, what if you could take a majority of the guess work out of starting and running your new group?

You do not want to start a support group to have something to plan for and somewhere to be each week. You want to help people!!

We currently have 2 videos available, one for Men/Women’s groups and one for Spouse’s groups.

In these videos, you will learn how to …

  • Setup your group as quickly as possible with a solid support foundation beneath it
  • Start your new group and efficiently run it with maximum impact on group members
  • Grow your group to maturity, raise future recovery leaders and witness God’s power release addicts from the bonds of addiction

I purchased my video on demand to fast track starting my group, what do I need next?

I didn’t want the video, even though it is less than $8, I will figure it out on my own.

Neither of these videos apply to the ministry I want to start, please show me the Facilitator’s Guide that will help me plan and run my meetings; as well as, give me talking points.