Start a Support Group

So You Want to Start a Support Group?

Grab this Free Checklist (& Bonus) to Streamline Starting Your Support Group

This free checklist will guide you through properly setting up your support group to efficiently running your group.

You will learn:

  • Who to approach in your church or organization
  • What role a Group Facilitator plays so you can select the right person for the job
  • How to setup resources and what to have on hand
  • 7 ways to jump-start awareness of your new group
  • Where and how to run your support group meetings
  • How to guide new members into the group
  • A single action that will keep your church leadership engaged and supporting the group
  • Why member financial investment is important for their recovery

BONUS! With this easy-to-follow checklist used to start a support group, you will also receive our Ministry Presentation Package that you can use to present our program to the decision maker in your organization. We encourage you to highlight:

  • The growth of addictive behavior over the past decade.
  • The uniqueness of L.I.F.E.’s recovery model and how it address core issues opposed to only looking at symptoms.
  • That L.I.F.E. Recovery has over 18 years of resource and program development under their belt.
After you successfully complete the form above, check out

These Videos That Detail the Steps Necessary to Successfully Start a Group