Free Facilitator Resources Kit

From time-to-time, you will need resources for use in your support group. We offer a suite of free facilitator resources. Just complete the form below for instant access.

The free Facilitator Resources Kit contains:

First Assignments
You will have direct access to the first assignment of almost every L.I.F.E. Recovery workbook. Use this for new group members that are waiting on their workbook(s) to arrive by mail.

Group Covenant
Quickly print a group covenant to give to a new group member.

Defining Sobriety
This Powerpoint presentation discusses the definition of sobriety in the L.I.F.E. Recovery program vs. other popular addiction recovery programs.

Feelings Wheel
The Feelings Wheel is an often used tool, particularly during journal time. You will want to print this for your group members.

Guide to Sponsorship in Recovery (Men’s version and Women’s version)
These documents define and detail the different roles of sponsorship in the recovery process.

Member Connection Handout
Encourage your group members to be part of the bigger picture by connecting them with L.I.F.E. Recovery through our email updates, social media, and other communication channels.

Sexual Addiction Self-Test (Men’s version and Women’s version)
These self-tests help those considering recovering gauge if they have an integrity issue, do not need recovery but should address a couple areas in their life, or if they are borderline in-between.

New Comer’s Application of Principles
This handout orients new group members to the group based on the principle your group is currently covering.

Statistics on Sexuality in Today’s World
This is a comprehensive compilation of statistics regarding sexual addiction and sexuality in today’s world.