Recovery Workbook

Addiction Recovery Workbook

The L.I.F.E. Guide for Recovery from Addictive Behavior is a recovery workbook developed to help those struggling with alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders and other addictions (except sexual addiction). Dr. Mark Laaser’s time-tested seven principles for living in freedom everyday are applied to addictions, guiding the reader through recovery by uncovering core issues in their lives rather than merely treating symptoms.

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About the Author

Dr. Ralph Spiller, author of the L.I.F.E. Guide for Recovery from Addictive Behavior, has lived through the experience of excessive use of alcohol as a ‘binge drinker.’ Alcohol was his drug of choice during his military days beginning at age 20 until his deliverance at age 37. Other issues have also been a part of his use of ‘diversion’ to cope with boredom, emotional pain, etc. Following his entrance into recovery, he became a counselor of mental health and addictions counseling culminating in his acquiring a Ph. D. and writing his doctoral dissertation with the title; The Unknown Addictions: Sex, Love, & Romance. He has practiced for 30 years, assisting those with mental health (specializing in traumatic stress) and addiction problems.
The content of this recovery workbook has been arranged in exactly the sequence L.I.F.E. Recovery recommends you work through it. For that reason, there is some repetition of the teaching material for each Principle in order to prepare the reader for each of the Assignments.