My wife and I are both sex addicts (or have other addictions)

Is you marriage damaged by addiction? This isHope for a marriage damaged by addiction ... take the recovery journey together not uncommon. There is hope for recovery … for both of you to recover and live in freedom everyday (L.I.F.E.).

Schedule time to meet with your pastor and their spouse.

Before the meeting, sit with your spouse and review how you will share what is going on with each of you. You should also look for a local support group.

In this initial meeting, you and your spouse should confess what each of you is battling using terms like pornography, infidelity, inappropriate sexual behaviors – specifics are not needed.

You should each also share how the other spouse’s inappropriate behaviors make you feel – insecure, inadequate, self-doubt, etc.

Explain that you have found a Christian recovery ministry that uses time-tested resources in a support group format.

If there is a group near you, share that you have found groups to attend, thank the pastor and their spouse for their time, and ask them to hold you and your spouse accountable to starting this journey of recovery.

If there is not a group near you, consider a telephone support group.

Or you can ask the pastor if anyone has shown interest in starting a group of this nature in the church. If so, have the pastor direct that person to the How to Start and Run a Support Group page.

If there is not a support group in your area, nor someone to start one, and there is not a telephone group for one of you, you can work the workbook with an accountability partner. This may be a member of church leadership of the same sex as the recovering addict.

You and your spouse should begin attending your separate support groups and work your journey of recovery. You may also each attend a spouse’s support group to cope with the wounds and unpack the feelings that your spouse’s inappropriate sexual behaviors have generated.

Double addiction recovery and healing are possible with Jesus, His grace, and your dedication to the program.