Workbooks & Resources for Women

Here are our addiction recovery workbook for women battling sexual addiction and other supplemental resources. Each focuses on different phases of your recovery journey.

female sex addict workbook

L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Women

Written by Marnie Ferree, a leader on female sexual addiction recovery. This cornerstone workbook for women will guide you through the seven principles of recovery using assignments surrounding each principle. While you can start this workbook on your own, it is highly recommended that you connect with and join a recovery support group.

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Workbook for grieving the loss of your addictionGrieving Guide: Healing from There to Here

These 12 lessons will stop your seemingly out-of-control world from spinning so you can cope with the loss of your addiction, begin addiction recovery with a focused heart, and embrace the new life that is ahead of you … Living In Freedom Everyday.

L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Couples: For the Recovering Sex Addict & Their Spouse

After completing your initial recovery work with the L.I.F.E. Guide for Women, and (it is recommended) your spouse has completed working with the L.I.F.E. Guide for Spouses; you are ready to further solidify the restoration of your marriage with the L.I.F.E. Guide for Couples. This workbook resource can be used in a group setting or as a self-led resource in the comfort of your home.