I am a recovered addict but my wife (or husband) has not attended a support group or participated in any recovery activity

Do marriages last after rehab? The chances are much greater if you both participate is a support group program.

Do marriages last after rehab? Each of you should work your separate recovery journeys.What if my spouse refuses to attend and get the help they need, even though I am in a program? This may be an odd place for you. You have worked the program, identified your core issues, and completed the initial recovery cycle. Sidenote: Our full recovery program model is available here.

Your spouse may not be in the same place. They may be making snide comments. They may be living in doubt of your recovery. They are most definitely still hurt and wounded.

Get with your support group leader and ask for advice on how others in your situation have successfully encourage their spouse to go through the program.

Common Objections

It’s your addiction, not mine. Why should I be in a program?
Simply put … a marriage cannot heal with the spirit of resentment in it, and without addressing the core wounds each of you have received through your family of origin.

I am fine. We are good. It was just a thing.
Your spouse could be burying feelings of hurt and hiding their wounds because they don’t want to face them. This will create BIG problems later on that can manifest in seemingly odd, unrelated ways.