What is Recovery?

What is recovery? Recovery is freedom!Before you answer the question, “What is recovery?”, first you must understand what addiction is.

Addiction is a coping mechanism an individual clings to due to past trauma, realized or unrealized.

Addiction recovery, in our Christian recovery program, does not just address the symptoms (the addiction), but takes those in recovery on a journey to address core issues.

By addressing core issues, we have successfully found a lasting impact in recovery.

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Since 2000, our ministry has helped countless people experience freedom from sexual addiction using Dr. Mark Laaser’s seven principles to living in freedom everyday (or L.I.F.E.).

These principles are the foundation of our addiction recovery model. Over the years, we have tweaked our recovery model to target deep core issues that manifest as addiction. That is to say …

Our addiction recovery model helps people find out why they are “acting out”…

… rather than only removing temptation from someone’s life. Our model is effectively helping addicts in a support group setting.

(Non-Sexual) Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Workbook
L.I.F.E. Guide for Addictive Behavior

Ralph Spiller, Jr., PhD, LMHC authored the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Addiction, our workbook resource for those struggling with other addictive behaviors. He adapted Dr. Mark Laaser’s principles and core issue recovery work into the newest member of the L.I.F.E. Guide family.

This new program helping those burdened by addictions using a proven addiction recovery model is easy to implement at your church or counseling practice using the available Facilitator’s Guide.

The addictions that this workbook address include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, gambling, and other non-sexual addictions.