Telephone Support Groups

telephone support groupsWe urge you to actively seek a group in your area through all available channels as an in-person support group will have a greater impact on your recovery. If there is not an addiction recovery group in your local area, you may consider joining one of our TeleL.I.F.E. telephone support groups.

Who Should Participate

Our telephone support groupsĀ are suitable for:

  1. Those that cannot find a local group
  2. Someone fresh out of an intensive addiction recovery workshop
  3. Anyone that travels a lot for work
  4. Those looking to supplement their in-person group time

Types of Groups Available

We have groups for men recovering from sexual addiction and spouses of men recovering from sexual addiction.


Access is via telephone and is free in the United States. International access is available, we are unsure if long distance charges apply or not.


While there is no subscription fee for the telephone support groups, as with all L.I.F.E. Groups, L.I.F.E. recommends a weekly donation of $5 from attendees as an investment in their healing.