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Sexual Integrity for Young Women

L.I.F.E. Guide for Young Women

Workbook for young women (teens) struggling with sexual integrity.

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A Letter to Parents

Dear Parent:

As a parent myself, I have much compassion for parents today. It is such a threatening world that we live in and most parents fear for the safety of their child. And most fear that their child will make choices that will harm them or scar them for the rest of their lives. I talk to so many parents who are confused about how to help their child. They want to be good parents but they do not know what to do. You might be the parent who is desperately hurting because you have done all you know to do and nothing seems to help. Or you might be the parent who never suspected that anything was wrong. The fact that you are reading this letter, tells me that you are a good parent. You care about what your daughter is reading and doing. My prayer is that you will be able to be supportive during this journey.

You might have some questions when you see the topic of the workbook. It is addressing sexual integrity issues. I have found that nothing causes more anxiety for a parent than finding out that their daughter is struggling with sexual integrity. But the good news is that there is hope. This workbook will help her get to the root of the issue and begin to make changes. It will help her to stay sexually pure and to have a vision of the kind of woman she wants to be. She will look at her identity and who God says that she is. She will learn to have supportive, healthy relationships that encourage her to be healthy and whole.

The best way for you to be supportive is to come alongside and be willing to talk if your daughter wants to talk. Do not force her to tell you everything if she does not want to do so. Be a safe person for her so that she will talk to you when she is ready. Pray for her.  Sometimes in their fear, parents can come on strong and shame their children. Remember, the Bible says that it is the kindness of God that leads to repentance.

As threatening as it is, be thankful that she is talking to someone and working on the issue. I always think it is a good idea for parents to be informed. Buy a copy of the workbook yourself so that you can see what she is doing. But don’t intrude on her privacy by reading hers. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about addictions so that you can understand your child. Get general updates from the leader as the group progresses. Remember, our children are always being influenced for good and for evil. There is so much negative influence, aren’t you thankful to have other people who are willing to influence her for good? This is a battle and we need to work together; it is tiring to try to do it alone.

Sometimes parents are concerned because there are secrets in the family that everyone is trying to hide. Addiction is a family disease because it affects the whole family. If one suffers, the whole family suffers. You know this yourself because you have undoubtedly been affected by your daughter’s struggle. Addictions often run in families. So there might be other family members who are also struggling. There is no shame if that is the case. There is help available. There are women’s and men’s L.I.F.E. groups available as well as other resources for other addictions. Please get help if you need it and join your daughter on her journey of recovery.

For His Children,

L.I.F.E. Recovery International


Sex addiction is a growing epedimic that is reaching our youth through the media. This world view of "sex is ok", combined with horomonal changes, creates a ripe environment for sexual activity. Toss on the weight of school, social life, pleasing parents and caring for friends - young people may choose sexual activity to cope or deal with the stresses of life.

L.I.F.E. Recovery offers this resource for guys college-aged and younger. Anyone older should go to the Men's page.