What Is Sexual Addiction?

Can the sex addict's partner get help?

Yes! The sex addict's partner can get help with or without the sex addict! Whether or not the addict is ready to admit to having a problem, his or her partner CAN get help. There are spouses' support groups and personal counseling to deal with his or her feelings of loss, rejection, aloneness, anger, etc. that have built up over the years of living with a sex addict. The spouse or partner most likely has his or her own areas that need healing which caused he or she to be drawn to the addict in the first place. Such feelings can include low self-esteem, lack of confidence, denial, rejection, as well as many others. These feelings must be dealt with and validated through professional help. Once these feelings are dealt with, then, depending on the health of the addict, reconciliation can be attempted.

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