Start a Support Group

So you want to start a support group? We encourage you to learn more about our ministry and make sure that our recovery model is what you are looking for.

2 Free Resources to Quickly Start a Support Group

L.I.F.E. Recovery offers 2 free resources to guide you from presenting L.I.F.E. Recovery to the decision maker in your organization through setting up your group to efficiently running your group.

PDF to help start a support groupThe Presentation Package is a PDF (also available as a printed booklet with DVD) that you can use to present our program to the decision maker in your organization. We encourage you to highlight:

  • The growth of addictive behavior over the past decade.
  • The uniqueness of L.I.F.E.’s recovery model and how it address core issues opposed to only looking at symptoms.
  • That L.I.F.E. Recovery has over 17 years of resource and program development under their belt.

The second free resource is the How to Start and Run a Group Checklist. This checklist details all the steps required to quickly setup a group and efficiently run your new group.

Just type in your Name and Email address below to request these free resources.