Embracing the Journey Training Seminar

6 CD Set of the 2015 Embracing the Journey training seminar.

Embracing the Journey Training Seminar

The Embracing the Journey training seminar was held in March 2015. This event consists of 5 promenent L.I.F.E. Recovery team leaders and seasoned alumni.

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Speakers Include ...

David "Dave" L. Gillman

Minister / Life Director of Group Facilitators

The Importance of Attending a L.I.F.E Group: A Local Group, or Conference Call Group

Michelle "Micki" Lauren

Project Director and Director of Training

Family Systems: A Genesis

The First Family: Family of Origin, Family Systems

Dan Phillips

Pastor and Coach

Brain Hackers: From Conformation to Transformation

Joseph "Joe" I. Kruger

L.I.F.E. Men's Group Co-Facilitator

L.I.F.E. Recovery Group Structure - Leadership Roles & Leadship Development

Mark Fisk

L.I.F.E. Recovery Western U.S. Regional Director


Bonus Session

Meg Swain

Spouse's Group Relationships and Accountability

Welcome Message from Bob Hale, President of L.I.F.E. Recovery International

Embracing the Journey - Bob Hale from sexualaddictionrecovery on GodTube.

Additional Resources

Micki Lauren - Family Genesis Slides

Dan Phillips - Brain Hackers Slides

Joe Kruger - L.I.F.E. Leadership Slides

Price: $ 14.95 Quantity :