Spouses of Sex Addicts

Support for Spouses of Sex Addicts

L.I.F.E. Guide for Spouses

Workbook for spouses of sex addicts, NOT women dealing with sexual integrity. NEW EXPANDED EDITION!

Complete Information about the L.I.F.E. Guide for Spouses

Price : $ 24.95

The content of this new version of the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Spouses is the same as the previous version, but that content has been re-arranged to be in exactly the sequence recommended.  For that reason, there is some repetition of the teaching material for each Principle in order to prepare the reader for each of the Assignments.

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Facilitator's Guide for Spouses' Support Groups

This Facilitator's Guide is the result of many hours spent refining and distilling the essence of what it takes to lead a L.I.F.E. Group for spouses.

Complete Information about the Facilitator's Guide for Spouses' Support Groups

Price : $ 49.95

58% of Divorces & 1 in 4 Marriages are Failing Due to Porn Usage & Sexual Addiction.