Latino L.I.F.E.

Latino L.I.F.E.

by L.I.F.E. Headquarters

We are very encouraged to see how the Lord continues to raise leaders in the Latino community.

The Lord is moving mightily to meet the need in the Latino community.  Just in the last two weeks, we have heard from two organizations who are starting Latino L.I.F.E. Groups; one in Orlando and another in Oklahoma. Our goal is to be intentional and develop a system to network all of the Latino efforts together for support.

Jose and Yesenia (Latino L.I.F.E. Ambassadors) have made themselves available to assist people in starting a Spanish-speaking LIFE group in their area. Although their group is called the "Miami" group, they actually meet Tuesday nights in the Pembroke Pines area and group members are from both Miami Dade and Broward counties.

The demand for Latino L.I.F.E. Groups is growing. God seems to be mobilizing support at an amazing rate to bring L.I.F.E. to Spanish speaking communities.

  • We now have a total of 7 groups. Five of which were opened during the months of April and May (one Men's Sexual Addiction Group, 2 Spouse's Groups, one Anger Management for Men, and one focused on Domestic Violence for Women).
  • We have expanded our efforts to include Anger Management/Domestic Violence issues, which have proven a valuable support tool for sexual recovery due to the significant impact on the Latino Community from both of these issues.
  • Yesenia and Jose spoke at a Couple's Congress in Naples, FL last month to a group of more than 200 in attendance where they presented the topic of forgiveness as it relates to issues of recovery. A number of L.I.F.E. Group Members were present and actively participated in various areas of the congress. A play was produced, which showed the growth in the life of the members who participated that impacted many of those present.

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