Stories of Addiction Recovery

Sharing your story (available anonymously) is a great way to express your feelings and possibly relieve tension knowing that someone will read it and know.

Stories about addiction, recovery, and continued relationship with God help others know that they are not alone in their addiction, encourages many, and shares ideas.

Sex Addict Stories by:

> Men

> Spouses of addicts

> Women

> Young Men

> Young Woman

Mom Who Lost Everything

by Gretchen

“Mom Who Lost It All”


I am 45 years old and have just found this group. Up until now I have not been able to find the support or resources that I need to recover. I have lost 2 marriages, 4 children, a house and home, a car, and several jobs due to my addiction. I never considered it an addiction, just a problem stemming from being sexually active since I was 4 years old and attacked by 5 boys at 14 years old. Also, coming from a family of neglect, alcoholism and depression. Only God has helped me get this far and will get me home. But my church does not understand and has even contributed to my addiction when I got involved with one of our elders. I always thought I had to go with whoever wanted me but now I am learning I can say, “No.”


I will write more. But am sending this as a test. First one didn't work.