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Celebrating Sobriety

by LB

Celebrating Sobriety
  Each year as my husband has another year of sobriety from sexual addiction I always celebrate with him . I have done this from the beginning. I take him out to dinner and I usually have a gift as well. This year he celebrated 10 years of sobriety!!  We went to Colonial Williamsburg, VA. We had a nice dinner and a quiet time of reflection.
  I have always felt his recovery is a family in recovery.  There are places we cannot go and movies we cannot see, etc..   I have always said that there has been nothing that I have had to give up or change that is worth him losing his sobriety. He has been honest about places or people that could be a trigger.  We have kept an open line of communication about these issues.
I don’t get offended if we need to trade seats at a restaurant or something along those lines.
  I am very proud of my husband for staying in prayer , going to his group, working through issues. Also for keeping an honest time of communication with me. In November we are celebrating 19 years of marriage. We as a family we always be in recovery. I hope this will be of encouragement for those who are just starting this journey with your spouse. 
                                                                              Blessings to each of you, LB