Prayer Team

Support L.I.F.E. Recovery International with Prayer

There are more ways to support L.I.F.E. than a financial donation, and the most powerful one is prayer!

Join us each day at 9 am and/or 9 pm Eastern as a time of prayer for:

  • The new support group members that are just exploring recovery and that they feel God's encouragement and love around them.
  • Those in recovery, that they continue receiving God's love and sustain their sobriety.
  • Facilitators who give their time and energy to their group, may their sacrifice be returned to them 100 fold.
  • Thanks to pastors with the courage to bring L.I.F.E. into their churches.
  • Counselors that use L.I.F.E. in their practice, that they continue touching hearts.
  • and the L.I.F.E. Leadership Team and their discernment of God's plan for this ministry.