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Addiction Recovery Groups

Local Addiction Recovery Groups

L.I.F.E. Recovery has found that addiction recovery groups, and intensive workshops, have a tremendous impact on those seeking recovery from addiction. Typically, an addition recovery group meets weekly in a safe location and meetings can run from 1 to 2 hours.

When a new member is considered for entry into the group, the group facilitator usually meets with them to:

  1. Understand where they are in the addiction recovery process
  2. Orient them to the path to recovery
  3. Explain the format of the addiction recovery group meetings

We recommend contacting you pastor or another local church and inquiring about an addiction recovery support group or similar program. If they do not have a program, you may refer them to our program.

Telephone Addiction Recovery Groups

If there is not an addiction recovery group in your local area, you may consider joining one of our TeleL.I.F.E. Conference Calls. We urge you to actively seek a group in your area through all available channels as an in-person group will have a greater impact on your recovery.

Who Should Participate

Telephone Addiction Recovery Groups are suitable for:

  1. Those that cannot find a local group
  2. Someone fresh out of an intensive addiction recovery workshop
  3. Anyone that travels a lot for work
  4. Those looking to supplement their in-person group time