Expand Your Ministry, Help Those with Other Addictions

In 2012, L.I.F.E. Recovery released its first workbook resource to help those battling addictions outside of its primary niche. This off-shoot addresses addictions like drug abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling and other addictions.

L.I.F.E. Recovery continues to tout its recovery model which accepts symptoms of addictions (acting out) but focuses on core issues (the “why?”).

A ministry spokesman reports that no matter the nature of the addiction, or the acting out, there is something deep down in an addict that is causing inappropriate or harmful behaviors. L.I.F.E.’s recovery model and resources helps the addict to seek out that “core issue” and address it, opposed to simply treating the symptoms like a ruler across the knuckles.

Those that are interested, or know of someone interested, in expanded areas of recovery can get a free sample of the workbook to review the resource.

The ministry created a companion Facilitator’s Guide for use in these groups. They also released a Grieving Guide, applicable to all in recovery, to assist with the loss of addictive behavior and the potential physical, mental and emotional withdrawals that can occur.

The addition of this resource allows L.I.F.E.’s time-tested, core issue recovery model to help all those in recovery despite their addictive behavior.


Brockwell has served on the Communications Team at L.I.F.E. Recovery since 2000.

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