3 Free Resources for Facilitators & Soon-to-be Facilitators

L.I.F.E. Recovery now has three free, downloadable resources for those starting or running addiction recovery support groups.

Over the years, L.I.F.E. has pursued the mission to encourage, empower, and equip God’s people to live in freedom everyday. “We could not have pursued this mission without the help of our volunteer facilitators across the globe”, reports a member of the Communications Team. He continues explaining that L.I.F.E. Recovery focuses on resource development, support of facilitators, and promotes a time-tested recovery model that addresses core issues.

In an effort to empower and equip those considering starting a group and existing support group facilitators, L.I.F.E. developed these three free resource kits.

Overview of Resources for Facilitators

Resources for facilitators to help start a support groupStart a Support Group Kit

This Resource Kit contains 2 free resources to help with presenting L.I.F.E. Recovery to the decision maker in an organization and has a simple checklist to set up a support group.

Facilitator’s Resource Kit

The Facilitator’s Resource Kit is a suite of resources commonly, and frequently, used in the L.I.F.E. support groups.

Support Group Promotion Kit

This Kit empowers the facilitator to promote and, in effect, grow their support groups and recovery ministry.

Whether you are a soon-to-be facilitator or a seasoned facilitator, these Resource Kits will benefit the work you are doing in your recovery ministry.

Without facilitators, L.I.F.E. Recovery would not have the reach it currently has! L.I.F.E. is appreciative of the continued dedication and work that volunteer facilitators put in each and every week. They can be contacted for support, suggestions, and other questions through the contact us page on their website.


Brockwell has served on the Communications Team at L.I.F.E. Recovery since 2000.

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