Updates from the Men’s Intensives Program

Earlier this year, we launched our Men’s Intensive Workshops with great enthusiasm and faith that this was the next step in recovery resources that our ministry needed to take.

Dan PhillipsDan Phillips, facilitator of the Men’s Intensive, reports that the understanding of the neurological dynamics underlying and perpetuating addictive compulsions was a real “game changer” for participants in the intensive. Once that understanding is reached, real world strategies that promote healthy responses to triggers are successfully discussed.

The experience of an intensive is equivalent to 6 months of weekly counseling. This is a great way to jump-start a recovery journey, or get an abandoned recovery journey back on track.

The Men’s Intensive is a weekend long, approximately 20 cumulative hours, workshop held in a private atmosphere to ensure complete focus. The subject matter covers an array of material from family systems and core wounds, to strategy building. Over the course of the weekend, participants experience instruction, writing exercises, and small group sessions.

The next Men’s Intensive will be held in Orlando, Florida this October.


Brockwell has served on the Communications Team at L.I.F.E. Recovery since 2000.

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