Grieving Guide Available in Print

L.I.F.E. Recovery is excited to announce its first new print resource of 2017!

The Grieving Guide is the must-have resource for everyone starting a recovery journey. This guide walks the readers through the loss of addiction, and prepares them for a successful journey toward integrity. The 12 carefully planned out lessons introduce readers to the fact that their lives will be shaken as they leave their addictive behavior behind, walks them through facing emotions, grieving the loss of control & relationships, and prepares them for a journey of recovery.

Curtis Benjamin authored this new resource filling a need to have guidance during this part of the recovery process. Curtis reflects,

Grief is such a complex and foreign animal to everyone that there is not really a written guide that is totally comprehensive available. We are all unique and that makes our grief unique. I pray this manual will be a catalyst in finding the healing that only God has in store for you.

God is in control and L.I.F.E. Recovery feels his hand upon this much needed resource.


Brockwell has served on the Communications Team at L.I.F.E. Recovery since 2000.

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