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Free Grieving Guide with $150 Purchase

Grieving Guide

Purchase $150 in L.I.F.E. resources and receive a free Grieving Guide! The Grieving Guide will automatically be added to your order, no coupon code or additional actions are needed. This special ends July 31, 2017.

About the Grieving Guide

I am an addict.

I want recovery from addiction.

This is THE guide to start your addiction recovery process!

This workbook-style guide contains 12 lessons …
Lesson 1: Preparing to Grieve
Lesson 2: Understanding and Expressing Our Emotions
Lesson 3: Knowing What to Expect
Lesson 4: Accepting the Pain of Recovery
Lesson 5: Changing Your Routine & Tips for Healthy Grieving
Lesson 6: Addressing Your Pain
Lesson 7: Grieving the Loss of Control
Lesson 8: Grieving Your Losses, Dreams & Desires
Lesson 9: Grieving Losses in My Relationships
Lesson 10: Grieving to the Core
Lesson 11: Grieving Well: Reclaiming Your Value
Lesson 12: Healing From Here to There
These 12 lessons will stop your seemingly out-of-control world from spinning so you can cope with the loss of your addiction, begin addiction recovery with a focused heart, and embrace the new life that is ahead of you … living in freedom everyday.

Some moments are clear and full of hope and light. Then just as suddenly, overwhelming feelings of despair and darkness overtake you. Then there is the anxiety. Everything in your life has shifted, and although you know in your head that some changes are good, there is a part of your heart that declines to agree. It is that part of your soul that scares you the most. It begs for relief, begs for the numbness you have known so well, when for a few brief moments you don’t feel anything at all—the illusion of peace.

We come to an opportunity to entrust our hearts to the Healer for a deeper journey into recovery—a journey of grieving. Grief is defined as a blending of reactions that include emotional, physical, behavioral, cognitive and spiritual. God our Healer is good and faithful and gentle, but He does not use anesthesia to help us cope with the blend of reactions. The journey of healing can be painful—sometimes agonizing. It will take more courage than you believe you have. The good news is that you will not be alone. Even better news is that on the other side of grieving is the real and lasting peace your soul has craved all along. The very best news is that this journey will one day give you the chance to be part of something bigger than yourself—a chance to bless others, a chance to make a difference in this very broken world.

Are You Ready?
The easiest way to help you grasp this readiness concept is to use the metaphor of a three legged table.

You, metaphorically are the table top. The legs supporting it must be used and are necessary to ensure that the table top is held up. Grieving is necessary for the deeper journey of recovery. In order to grieve well and to grieve safely, three things must be true about your life right now:

Leg number 1: You must be sober.
Leg number 2: You must be surrendered to the grieving process.
Leg Number 3: You must have support.

This guide will help you start your journey of addiction recovery, help you get back on the path of your abandoned addiction recovery program, or help you, help someone that has come to your for help with their addiction.


Brockwell has served on the Communications Team at L.I.F.E. Recovery since 2000.

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